Pompoms & Pompom Makers

Estelle Snap-On PomPoms

Feature a snap pre-sewn to the pompom, plus a snap that can be sewn to your project - making them easy to remove or change!

Each pompom measures approximately 12-14cm (4.75-5.5") from tip to tip.

Please note that for the multi-coloured shades we have included additional pictures, due to each multi-coloured pom being slightly different! Please check out all of the pictures to make sure you like the possible variations.

Pictured left is shade Hedgehog

100% Faux Fur

Rico Sew-On PomPoms

These soft and fluffy pompoms are made of beautiful faux fur, but look like the real thing! They are available in multiple sizes & colours, and have a more 'globe' shape than the snap-on poms!

62% Acrylic, 38% Polyester

Clover PomPom Maker Sets

Made in Vietnam, Clover's PomPom makers are very handy for making measured Pompoms out of yarn. Little to no trimming needed! Each set comes with two sizes for you to experiment with.


22 Item(s)

22 Item(s)