• Briggs & Little Country Roving

    Briggs & Little Country Roving

    Briggs and Little Country Roving is a super bulky, roving, 5 ply, 100% pure unspun wool. This wool is super soft and works up into beautiful Cowichan outdoor sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, scarves, crafts and more. Made in Canada. Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

    100% Wool, 5 strands

    11sts = 4″ / 10 cm on 7.50mm needles

    6: Super BulkyRoving

    155yds / 142m per 8oz / 227g roll

  • Briggs & Little Super

    Briggs & Little Super

    A super bulky weight of the same classic pure Canadian wool that Briggs & Little is known for. The four plies create a springy, dense twist.

    This yarn is suitable for: knitting outdoor sweaters (such as the classic 'curling sweaters'), coats, hats or mittens, crafts, latch hook rugs or macrame.

    100% Wool 

    11sts = 4" / 10cm on 7.50mm / US 10.75 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    85yds / 77m per 113g / 4oz skein

  • Cascade Swaddle

    Cascade Yarns Swaddle

    Swaddle is a wonderfully soft 100% polyester yarn in a super-bulky weight. Swaddle offers a wavy construction, with a single-ply core wrapped with a smaller strand to give a slubby appearance. This is a wonderful yarn for baby items, blankets and anything you'd like to be easy care.

    100% Polyester

    10 - 14sts = 4" / 10cm on 6.0 - 9.0mm / US 10 - 13 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    197yds / 180m per 200g / 7.0oz

  • Cascade Lana Grande

    Cascade Yarns Lana Grande 

    Lana Grande is a soft 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. This super bulky yarn has a great plied texture and will get your knitting project done in no time. It's ideal for durable but snuggly blankets and sweaters or gorgeously bulky scarves.

    100% Peruvian Highland Wool

    8 - 10sts = 4" / 10cm on 9.0 - 12.0mm / US 13 - 17 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    87.5yds / 80m per 100g / 3.5oz 

  • Cascade Magnum

    Cascade Yarns Magnum

    Magnum is a super bulky 100% Peruvian Highland wool. Your projects will fly off the needles and you'll be done before you know it. Great for chunky sweaters, hats, scarves, home decor, and more.

    100% Peruvian Highland Wool

    6 - 8sts = 4" / 10cm on 10.0 - 12.0mm / US 15 - 17 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    123yds / 112m per 250g / 8.82oz skein

  • Cascade Mondo

    Cascade Yarns Mondo

    Mondo is just what it's name implies, SUPER bulky and SUPER soft! It's a soft blend of superfine alpaca and wool. This new yarn is best for quick and bold statement pieces and has a gauge suitable for arm knitting.

    50% Superfine Alpaca, 50% Wool

    3 - 4sts = 4" / 10cm on 25.0mm / US 50 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    58yds / 53m per 400g / 14oz skein

  • Cascade Pacific Bulky

    Cascade Yarns Pacific Bulky

    Pacific® Bulky is the latest addition to the Pacific® line. This versatile yarn is easy to care for and the generous 200g balls make this yarn a great choice for quick projects.

    60% Acrylic, 40% Superwash Merino Wool

    8 - 10st = 4" / 10cm on 9.0 - 10.0mm / US 13 - 15 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    129yds / 118m per 200g / 7oz
  • Hayfield Super Chunky with Wool

    Hayfield Super Chunky with Wool

    Hayfield's 'with wool' range combines premium quality acrylic and sheepswool in a 3.5oz ball for an amazingly good value. Use Hayfield Super Chunky with Wool knitting yarn for super-fast, easy-care knitting projects; knits to any standard super-bulky pattern. 

    80% Acrylic, 20% Wool

    9sts = 4" / 10cm on 10mm / US 15 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    78yds / 72m per 100g / 3.5oz

  • Illimani Yarns Cadena

    Illimani Yarns Cadena

    Cadena is simply the answer to the knitter's prayer….a super bulky yarn, almost as soft as royal alpaca and it does not shed!! A cozy chained construction adds depth to your projects. 

    71% Alpaca, 28% Wool

    8sts = 4" / 10cm on 10.0mm / US 15 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    49yds / 45m per 100g / 3.5oz skein

  • James C. Brett Rustic Mega Chunky

    James C. Brett Rustic Mega Chunky

    Rustic Mega Chunky is a machine washable blend of acrylic and wool. This yarn knits up super quick on 12mm / US 17 needles. Great for hats, scarves and sweaters. 

    82% Premium Acrylic, 10% Wool, 8% Viscose

    7.5sts = 4" / 10cm on 12mm / US 17 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    62yds / 57m per 100g / 3.5oz 

  • King Cole Big Value Stormy Super Chunky

    King Cole Stormy Big Value Super Chunky

    A thick yarn with a marled/tweed-y effect, perfect for super quick projects that need to be machine washable! 

    100% Premium Acrylic

    10sts = 4" / 10cm on 10mm / US 15 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    88yds / 81m per 100g / 3.5oz

  • King Cole Timeless Super Chunky

    King Cole Timeless Super Chunky

    A soft, thick yarn that comes in both solids and marled shades.

    90% Premium Acrylic, 10% Alpaca

    10sts = 4" / 10cm on 10mm / US 15 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    93yds / 85m per 100g / 3.5oz ball

  • Knitting Fever Furreal

    Knitting Fever Furreal

    Furreal is a faux fur that is... just so soft. Without the long 'eyelash' texture of other faux fur yarns, Furreal actually manages to look like real fur without sacrificing a washable polyester content. A super bulky weight, Furreal works up very fast and doesn't need any type of complicated pattern. Great for toys, blankets, pillows, and accessories like hats, cowls, and scarves! 

    100% Polyester

    7 - 11 stitches to 4in (10cm) on US11 - 17 / 8.00 - 12.75mm needle

    6: Super Bulky

    71yds / 65m per 100g / 3.5oz skein

  • Noro Kureyon Air

    Noro Kureyon Air

    A gorgeous 100% wool yarn in a bulky weight, Noro Kureyon Air makes the perfect partner for your cool season garment and accessory patterns. 

    100% Wool

    10sts = 4" / 10cm on 9.00mm / US 13 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    109yds / 100m per 100g / 3.5oz skein

  • Sirdar Touch

    Sirdar Touch

    Touch is an irresistibly soft, incredibly trendy fur yarn that you will fall in love with as soon as you feel it. It is the perfect yarn for garments, home knits and accessories that both adults and children will simply adore. It is machine washable on a wool cycle.

    50% Nylon, 50% Polyester

    9sts = 4" / 10cm on 10.0mm / US 15 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    73yds / 67m per 100g / 3.5oz

  • Nako Spaghetti & Effect

    Nako Spaghetti Effect

    Nako's Spaghetti Effect combines beautiful colour with a soft machine washable blend at a great price. Great for the projects you need done fast! 

    75% Premium Acrylic, 25% Wool

    8sts = 4" / 10cm on 8mm / US11 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    65yds / 60m per 100g / 3.5oz

  • Universal Yarns Bella Chenille Big

    Universal Yarns Bella Chenille Big

    The big brother of the baby blanket classic Bella Chenille, Bella Chenille Big can knit up even faster while keeping the squishy softness you expect from a chenille.

    100% Polyester

    5 - 7sts = 4" / 10cm on 9 - 10mm / US 13 - 15 needles

    6: Super Bulky  

    Please note that the tension and weight are what is listed on the ball band - in our opinion this yarn is a 7: Jumbo and would comfortably knit to a larger tension with 12 - 15mm needles

    87yds / 80m per 200g / 7oz

  • Universal Yarns Uptown Bulky

    Universal Yarns Uptown Bulky

    The biggest member of the Uptown Family, perfect for super quick projects that are machine washable with long-lasting colour! 

    100% Anti-Pilling Acrylic

    9sts = 4" / 10cm on 9 - 12mm / US 13 - 17 needles

    6: Super Bulky

    87yds / 80m per 100g / 3.5oz